ACM's PTA Annual Programs and Events


ACM’s PTA is very proud of all our unique Programs and Events that help make our school great! They benefit our school at large, parents, teachers and even our community.


ACM PTA Back to School Activities

  • Back to School online portal - starting in early August take care of all your back to school needs including adding or updating your account information, choosing volunteer opportunities, and purchasing school spirit wear, school supply packs, and your PTA Membership.
  • Back to School Extravaganza – in conjunction with the Teacher Meet & Greet Night the Thursday before school join us in ACM’s cafeteria to get help with everything in the Back to School portal and purchase used uniforms
  • Boo Hoos & Woo Hoos – join fellow parents in ACM’s library from7:30-8:30 on the first morning of school for refreshments, cheers and tears.


ACM PTA Spirit Wear & Items

Every Friday is Spirit Day at ACM.  Your little one can show their school pride and wear a spirit shirt!  You can place an order for shirts and other goodies on starting in early August and running through early September! All spirit wear purchases are delivered to your child's classroom in late September. This year ACM’s PTA will provide every student in the school with a free spirit wear shirt! The shirt can be worn on Fridays, field trips and field day.


ACM PTA School Supply Packs

Every year, ACM PTA’s school supply chair works with our principal to set a list of supplies each grade requires and sets up online ordering and delivery to classrooms so parents can avoid the hassle of tracking down and bringing in all the items on the lists. PTA doesn't profit on school supply sales. It is done as a service to faculty and families because we know teachers prefer to have their class supplies ready to go on the first day of school.


ACM PTA Homecoming Parade float – September 14

It is so fun to see ACM’s Kinder kids waving on ACM’s float during the Richardson High School Homecoming parade. Email to join the fun of brainstorming for and building the float.


ACM PTA Falcon Pride Donation Drive September 17-October 12

The Falcon Pride Drive is a cash donation drive funds the many programs and services ACM’s PTA provides to our kids, families, and faculty. The drive allows us to get fundraising for PTA’s annual budget done at the start of the year so we can focus on serving ACM’s students, families and faculty for the remainder of the year. It also keeps us from having to sell catalog items and 100% of donations benefit ACM!


ACM PTA Fall Carnival – October 19th 

A highlight of the year, ACM PTA’s Fall carnival is loaded with fun and open to the whole community! Kids enjoy grade level activities, bounce houses, a petting zoo, live music, face painting and more! Wristbands to play all games and activities are $5 per child. Raffle tickets for grade level baskets will also be sold and make sure to bring your cash for food concessions run by the 4th grade parents as a fundraiser for science camp.


ACM PTA Trunk or Treat – October 28th

In it’s third year, the ACM PTA Trunk or Treat offers ACM and neighborhood families an additional opportunity to celebrate Halloween together.


Homeroom support & Class Holiday Parties – Winter Dec. 21 & Valentines Feb. 14

ACM’s PTA sets aside $75 per class for volunteer homeroom parents to fund class parties. In addition, homeroom parents arrange for a teacher birthday gift and communicate with class parents when needed.


PTA Reflections Contest – October 2018 Reflections Theme: Heroes Around Me.

ACM students express their artistic talents with PTA Reflections in the categories of dance choreography, musical competition, photography, visual arts, film production, and literature.  Participation in all grades is encouraged. 4-6th grade students will be required to submit a project for a grade (entering the contest is optional).


ACM Red Ribbon Week October 22-26

Red Ribbon Week focuses on drug prevention education & advocacy. The mission is to lead and support families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free youth. Watch your Tuesday folders for information about the fun activities


ACM PTA Fall Food Drive - November

The ACM PTA fall food drive happens annually each November and benefits our own ACM families who wouldn’t be able to have a full holiday meal without our support. Your student will bring requested items to their classroom (watch Tuesday folders for items requested from each grade).


ACM Holiday Giving Tree – December

Every year ACM’s front office staff collects a list of holiday wishes from those students whose families don’t have the funds to purchase gifts for the holiday season. You’ll see a tree just inside the office with ornaments noting the wishes and the age and gender of the recipient.


Dallas Museum of Art Field Trip (Various times during year depending on grade)

One of the benefits of having kids at ACM is they get to go to the Dallas Museum of Art every year (as opposed to other elementary schools that go once during their elementary career). ACM’s PTA pays the $5 per child field trip fee for all ACM students each year.


ACM PTA Donuts with Dad – November 30th  

Bring your dad, uncle, grandfather, big brother, or special guest for a before-school treat in the ACM cafeteria. Spend some extra time with your child and start your pre-work day off with a smile while enjoying donuts, fruit, coffee (please being your own mug), and juice at this FREE event.


Science Fair Support

ACM PTA’s Science Fair committee helps lead teachers promote the Science Fair and supports students during after school science fair work sessions. Required for 3rd through 6th grades.





ACM PTA Muffins with Mom – March 22nd  

Bring your mom, aunt, grandmother, big sister, or special guest for a before-school treat in the ACM cafeteria. Spend some extra time with your child and start your pre-work day off with a smile while enjoying muffins, fruit, coffee (please being your own mug), and juice at this FREE event.


ACM PTA Multicultural Night - March 28th

ACM’s cultural diversity is one of our biggest assets. Enjoy this night of live music, dancing, traditional ceremonies, arts, crafts, and more from cultures around the world. Bring a dish from your family heritage labeled with what it is and its origin.

Does your child have a cultural talent or tradition they would like to share with others that night? Please contact the multicultural chair at


Arapaho Classical Theatre Presents "Annie" April 25 & 26 2019

Students in grades 4th-6th have an opportunity to audition, perform and/or work backstage through the ACM Theatre Department’s annual show!  ACM PTA’s Theatre Chair and Committee supports ACM lead faculty through communications and arranging for parent volunteers. Tickets are sold in advance on, or after school.


Yearbook produced by ACM’s PTA

Make sure to send those school photos to throughout the year. Our yearbook chair will be collecting throughout the year and assembling them into a book of ACM 18-18 memories for your child and family. Have a graduating 6th grader? You can purchase “Loveline” notes to include in their final ACM yearbook.


Field Day supported by ACM PTA– May 17th

A highlight for ACM students, this is a day filled with outdoor fun organized by our wonderful ACM Coaches Martinez and Norris and supported by ACM’s PTA and Arapabros. This event requires a lot of parent volunteer support so watch the ACM PTA FB page and Falcon Flyer for opportunities to volunteer.


ACM PTA Senior Breakfast – May 23rd

Graduating High School Seniors who attended ACM are invited to return to the school where they spent the majority of their school years for a breakfast in their honor organized by ACM PTA’s Hospitality committee. Teachers enjoy coming back to see their students and graduates marvel at how small everything is!


Talent Show supported by ACM PTA– May 23rd

Kinder, 2nd, 4th & 6th GRADERS show off their talents at this annual performance. Email our ACM PTA Talent Show chair at


ALL SCHOOL YEAR ACM PTA’s web site will have the most up-to-date information regarding ACM PTA sponsored events and general school info.


Falcon Flyer Newsletter make sure you’re subscribed to ACM PTA’s monthly e-newsletter. You’ll receive information about what to expect in the coming months.



ACM PTA Teacher Appreciation & Support

ACM PTA’s Faculty Appreciation committee does a great job showing our amazing faculty just how grateful we all are that our kids are in their care. Watch the ACM PTA Facebook page for regular photos and updates about what this hard working group has done for the ACM faculty lately. Appreciation efforts cover, not only classroom teachers and specials, but also office staff, nurse, counselor, principals, clerk, librarian, kitchen staff, custodians, etc.  In addition to all the above joy, $100 is budgeted for every classroom and $100-300 for specials teachers to be spent however teachers wish.


ACM PTA Membership Perks

Beyond the importance of supporting the loooong list of things ACM’s PTA does for the ACM community, joining the PTA has perks such as a homework pass for your kiddo, car rental discounts, Great Wolf Lodge discounts, and more. You can find more information here


ACM PTA Funded Assemblies and Programs

The PTA is proud to sponsor a Fall and Spring Assembly to educate and entertain the students. 

  • Our Fall Assembly will be on October 10th. We are thrilled to bring "Oceans Rock!" to our school this year. 
    • Terrific Curriculum includes:
      • THE MARINE FOOD CHAIN - Why the shark is a critical part of our survival. 
      • THE WATER CYCLE - How the oceans provide water to the continents. 
      • CONTINENTS AND OCEANS - How wind erosion in the Sahara feeds the oceans. 
      • NASA DISCOVERIES - How the majority of the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans.
    • Fascinating exhibits including prehistoric fish, fossils, ammonites, trilobites, shark jaws, sea stars, prehistoric Megalodon shark teeth and more.
    • 30 Students Will Assist In Each Presentation!
    • Each student will work in our FOSSIL DIG to find, keep and take home three (3) authentic fossils!
  • Our Spring Assembly for B Hall will be on February 20th. Shakespeare Dallas will present "What Visions I Have Seen!"  
    • What Visions Have I Seen! explores the origins of the English language with a vibrant live performance featuring scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 
    • During this performance students learn about Shakespeare’s life and times and how he has contributed to our modern English language with the over 1700 words he invented that we still use today. This fast paced, dynamic performance features tons of volunteer opportunities and audience participation to keep students engaged throughout the entire performance. 
    • What Visions Have I Seen! also meets several English/Language Arts and Theatre TEKS. 
  • The Spring Assembly for A Hall will be on May 1st. The PTA is bringing Critterman to ACM to educate the children about animals that were roaming the Lone Star State over 100 years ago.
  • What was Texas like over 170 years ago when Stephen F. Austin and his followers arrived? Which Lone Star native feasts on venomous snakes? Which animal tends the prairies like a proud gardener? Discover the answer to these questions and more!  Includes program specific Resource Materials.
  • Animals to include: Prairie Dog, Ferret, Turkey Vulture, Great Horned Owl, Kingsnake, and an Opossum.


The ACM PTA also offers education to our parents. Many of our monthly PTA meetings offer speakers to keep you informed. The topics for the upcoming school year include: Technology in the classroom in October, Reflections in November, Internet Safety in December, Science Fair in February, and Curriculum Night in March, and Advice for Parenting and Anxious Child in April.


ACM Acres

ACM PTA funds a part time Garden Coordinator who creates curriculum that not only encourages healthy eating and knowledge about earth sciences, but also enhances other classroom curriculum (for ex. measuring perimeter and area of planting beds). There are lots of opportunities for ACM families to volunteer in the garden (and those volunteers are welcome to take any ripe herbs/vegetables as a reward!).


ACM PTA Council Delegates

ACM PTA’s Council delegates attend monthly RISD level PTA meetings to make sure parents at ACM are informed about matters that are happening at district level. They also work to support grade level concerts/performances and the RISD Used Book Fair that funds scholarships for RISD graduates.


ACM PTA’s Clothes Closet

ACM PTA’s Clothes Closet Chair and committee manages the Used Uniform sale and works with RISD to support their district level clothes closet. In addition, ACM’s PTA sets aside funds for any students who are in urgent need of, but unable to afford, clothing for school.


Library Support

ACM PTA’s Library Chair works closely with Ms. Belvin to arrange support for things like the summer reading program, the literacy library, the scholastic book fair and more.


ACM PTA’s Inclusiveness Committee

This committee promotes awareness, inclusion and engagement of diverse populations represented in the ACM community. It also encourages PTA’s membership, leadership, programs, and printed materials to reflect the diversity of the community. Finally, the committee identifies and addresses barriers that would hinder inclusivity including recruiting volunteers to translate PTA communications when needed.



SAGE Committee fulfills PTAs mission of “every child, one voice” by ensuring that the specific educational needs of students with disabilities and learning differences are represented and included in PTA support and activities. SAGE is committed to supporting the students, teachers, and families of students with all special needs, diagnoses, and learning differences.  If you would like to be part of this committee, email



ACM PTA’s Volunteer chair encourages widespread volunteering and tracks the large amount of volunteer hours ACM’s community gives to ACM.