Falcon Pride Donation Drive

2017-18 Fundraiser


The Falcon Pride Donation Drive is a cash donation drive to raise money to fund the many programs and services ACM’s PTA provides to students, staff, and families.  The drive ended on October 13th and thanks to you, we exceeded our goal and had a record breaking year!  Over $50,000 was donated by ACM families/friends/neighbors and so many amazing local businesses.  Click here to see a list of these amazing business!


Congratulations to the following students/classes that won prizes:

  • Child that raised the most $$: Fisher DuVall
  • Child that raised the 2nd most $$: Brody Bratton
  • Child that raised the 3rd most $$: Maris Mogan
  • Family that raised the most $$: The Kuykendall Family
  • Class that raised the most $$: Kang’s class
  • Class with the highest participation %: Cantu’s class



To see a list of families that collected donations at the Gold, Red, and Blue levels, click here.


This year, the funds raised over and above PTA funding needs were donated to two Gulf Coast schools and classrooms that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  The following schools were selected to receive the $12,000 donation!


H.G. Olsen Elementary in Port Aransas - $9,000

Mendel Elementary in Houston - $3,000


The schools plan to replace playground equipment destroyed by the hurricane and fund a field trip for the kids.






Contact: Brenda Patterson, VP Fundraising
Email: fundraising@acmpta.org
Phone: 214-986-3036