Each year, ACM’s PTA holds a Falcon Pride cash drive at the start of the school year to help fill the funding gap between what the state and district provide and what is needed for the kind of programs and services we know will build well-rounded children. In addition to this PTA fundraiser, there are other smaller fundraisers through out the year hosted by other groups. See below for more details on the opportunities.


Falcon Pride Donation Drive 2016-17 Fundraiser

The Falcon Pride Donation Drive is a cash donation drive to raise money to fund the many programs and services ACM’s PTA provides to students, staff, and families.  Last year's drive was very successful as we met our goal and had a record breaking year! Almost $38,000 was donated by ACM families/friends/neighbors and so many amazing local businesses.  See how we did and which businesses were sponsors. We look forward to another fantastic year for Falcon Pride!


Birthday Lockers and Marquee

Each fall, ACM 5th graders go to Sky Ranch for a week of hands-on learning about science. This page is devoted to fundraising to help pay for buses, chaperons and scholarships for those who need them. Payment for locker and marquee may be combined and paid in one transaction. View the details here.


Effortless Ways to Raise Funds

Did you know that you can support ACM with little to no effort? You can! From saving Box Tops 4 Education, to registering your grocery store loyalty card, to recycling your paper in the Paper Recycler bin in ACM’s parking lot, there are many ways you can support our school’s programs, such as music and physical education. Find out what your options are.

Land’s End Uniforms

We have a shop through Lands’ End where you can buy everything you need for the ACM uniform, complete with belts, shoes and accessories. You can even add an ACM logo to any red shirt, sweater or jacket. ACM receives a portion of the profits from Land’s End, so you can help your school while you shop! Please use the code 900146598.