Welcome New ACM Families and Welcome Back Returning Families!


I'm pleased to be serving my second year as ACM PTA President and, even more, am honored to work with a fantastic group of dedicated ACM parents who are serving on the ACM PTA Board. They have already been working hard to make this a fun and successful year for all students, faculty and families through a long list of PTA programs and events. Though the board acts as our essential leadership, they will need YOUR help throughout the year, so please don’t hesitate to jump in when you hear the call (or offer before you do). This is your community, too, and I hope you will be a part of making it a great year.


Every year I smile as the PTA Facebook page lights up around the energy that is the start of the school year. There are lots of posts about uniforms, school supplies, etc., and they make me smile because I love how quickly those new parents receive answers from our more experienced parents. ACM’s “village” has always been inclusive and kind. I was grateful for it as a new parent and am grateful for it now.


There will also be some posts about the bumpiness of the start of the school year. Anyone want to start a betting pool about when the first carpool post will happen? ;) ACM is a very big elementary school because it is a wonderful place for our kids. As a result, carpool can be chaotic at first as everyone learns the rules. I always think ‘If this is the biggest thing we have to complain about, we’re in good shape.’ Take some time to read the carpool rules before the school year starts and please remember to be patient with each other in general.


I'm looking forward to another year of making great memories with all of you as we do the best we can to help our kids grow and learn. We are all in this together. I wish your kids and you a wonderful school year ahead!


- Elizabeth Simpson, ACM PTA President 2018-19