Arapaho Classical Magnet 2023-2024 School Supplies List

Those who choose not to order the pre-packaged supply pack should use the lists below as a guide for buying school supplies. Please send those supplies on the first day of school with your child and ask them to give them to their teacher. With the exception of planners, binders, and headphones, school supplies from all students are usually combined for use by the entire class. However, RISD has not provided protocols for next year's classrooms yet.  More information regarding supplies and materials will be shared as it is received from the district.


In addition to the list...

  • All children will need headphones for the 1-to-1 technology portion of the curriculum.

  • If your child is in 5th or 6th grade, you will need to purchase an additional 3” binder. Based on parent experience; we recommend you purchase the Case-It 3" binder for durability.