ACM PTA Facebook Page

This communication forum is designed to give parents of current ACM students, as well as teachers and administrators, a place to share ideas, disseminate information and discuss relevant topics regarding our PTA. This group is monitored by members of the ACM PTA Board, and membership to the group must be approved by the monitors. Request to join here.


The Arapabros is an ever-growing association of ACM fathers whom strive to make the school experience more enjoyable and enriching for the ACM students and faculty. Throughout the academic year, the group will help to organize events, assist with school functions, and help the students and staff wherever it is needed most. If you’re interested in becoming an Arapabro, please contact us at for more info! Request to join the Arapahos here.

Grade level Facebook Pages

In addition to a school-wide Facebook page, there are grade-level Facebook pages that you can search based on the year they will graduate high school. Search "ACM Class of 20_ _ to find your students grade level page. Membership to the group must be approved by the monitors.




Texas PTA and its constituents associations are encouraged to post the following information on their social media site so visitors are aware of the expectations.


ACM PTA is a noncommercial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan association that does not endorse any candidate or political party. This PTA does not endorse non-PTA products or services.


Solicitation, or anything that resembles solicitation, shall not be posted on this site. If complaints are received about content or if the PTA deems content to be advertising, that content will be removed regardless of whether the content is relevant to our members.


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Posts endorsing a candidate for office or any political party shall be removed immediately. This site is not the appropriate place to express complaints and grievances. If you have a concern, please contact a member of the PTA executive board.