ACM Acres began in the fall of 2012 and has continued to be a place where the students of ACM can learn and experience life science in a hands-on way. This on-campus garden is a place where students and families come together to plant, tend, and reap the benefits of hard work, education, and community.


At the Acres, our dedicated Garden Coordinator creates curriculum-based instruction that reinforces the lessons students are taught in the traditional classroom. The Garden Coordinator is also the leader of our Garden Club which is available to students from 2nd to 6th grade. Garden Club members have the opportunity to learn about different plants, participate in garden-themed projects and games all while growing their gardening skills. Stay tuned for information about how to participate in Garden Club! 



Four Seasons Storytime

Each season of the year brings exciting opportunities to learn about the garden and to experience its growth. The Four Seasons Storytime is a garden event designed for students K - 3 and their families. The event is hosted by our Garden Coordinator who presents both works of fiction and nonfiction to compliment the current season of the year.


The summer edition of the Four Seasons Storytime will be announced soon!



Four Seasons Storytime 


Our fall crop has been planted!



The ACM PTA hosted our K - 2 classrooms in the garden for an all-day planting event. The students took turns prepping the soil, digging the holes and planting the transplants. They had a great time and we are looking forward to watching everything grow. These little baby plants will need a lot of love over the next few months which means we need volunteer families to come water weekly.


2021 Fall Work Day


On a HOT day, our ACM family stepped up for our annual ACM Acres Garden Work Day on on September 3rd, 2021. While it was toasty warm out, that didn't stop this amazing crew! The garden is now ready for our students to plant the fall crop later this month. 








Volunteer with Us!


Maintaining the Acres for our students requires help from our community. We need volunteers to visit the Acres for weeding and watering. If you are up to the challenge, please use the below sign-up to select an available weekend.




As always, please visit the ACM Acres Facebook page for more information and email with any questions!