Every year, the ACM PTA funds programs that our students love. Local businesses (LIKE YOU) make that happen. A donation from your business doesn’t just help support our school, our kids, and our community, it also helps our families support you. When they see your name on our donation list, it lets them know that you, too, have that Falcon Pride inside!


ACM families LOVE the businesses that support our school!   


This year, our students are paying your generosity forward by completing Acts of Kindness for others. Our goal is to make kindness trend in the classrooms, school, at home, and in our community!


In order to show our gratitude for your kind donation, we are offering the following packages for you to choose from. These have been created to maximize your ROI so we can support you, as well!




To donate, please reach out to falconpridebusiness@acmpta.org



 Thank you for your support!