Celebrate your student's birthday with a shout-out on ACM's marquee that stays up the entire week. This is part of the efforts of fourth graders to raise money for science camp when they're in fifth grade. The class of 2031 will have other fundraisers throughout the year like CandyGrams, so stay tuned*.


The deadline to request the marquee is AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE. If holidays fall in between deadline and birthday, please add additional week(s) ahead so volunteers can do their work before school lets out. Payment and request are both due by this time.


Click here to get your child's name on the marquee as a fun birthday surprise for $25: https://bit.ly/3dNMYoX.


(Please email locker@acmpta.org if you are having trouble completing the form.)



*This is a 5th Grade Science Camp fundraiser and is not part of PTA fundraising.