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Alice in wonderland Cast and CREW

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ACM PTA Lunch with Loved Ones

Start Planning Lunch with your Loved One! November 13th-17th

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ACM PTA Fall Food Drive

ACM PTA Fall Food Drive is here! Support your ACM Community October 30th - November 10th 

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5th Grade Science Camp

Support 5th grade Science Camp and learn how to get your child's locker decorated or get their name on the marquee!

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ACM ACT (Theatre)

Up to date info for cast & crew schedules.

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Growth Mindset

For so many years, intelligence and academic abilities have been seen as something that is fixed - you have it or you don't, and it doesn't change much over time.  Scientists have proved again and again that is not true. Our brain responds like a muscle and the more we use it, the stronger and smarter it becomes. When we as parents understand this, we can help our kids to have a Growth Mindset and the power of believing that you can improve!