Top 10 Things You Need to Know the 1st Week of School


  1. How do I correctly participate in carpool?

Visit to a map and instructions for the proper way to drive in carpool.

  1. How do I stay connected and know what is happening at school?

Our school has many options for gathering information starting with


You can also request to join our Facebook Page:


Set up a Focus account which will allow you to see your child’s attendance and grades:

  1. How will my children eat at school?                 

Each child has a 30 minute lunch. Check out your child’s lunch time:  They can either bring a lunch (ACM does allow peanuts, but children with allergies sit at a separate location), or your child can buy lunch with their cafeteria account. Kinder teachers help their students the first week of school with their lunch numbers, but help your child practice their lunch at home to make the process go faster. You can send a check made out to ACM cafeteria with your DOB, driver’s license number and state to school for their lunch account or you can create a paypams account. Using Paypams is a quick and easy way to deposit money into your child's school lunch account online. Just go to and set up an account. There you can replenish their account, see what they've been purchasing and even set it up to automatically withdraw funds when your student is getting low. There is a small service charge. The best part is that it will send you an email reminder when your kiddo is getting low on funds.

  1. How will I pick my students up from school?   

Carpool students are picked up from the far West end of the parking lot. Make sure you have your carpool number visible, so the teachers can have your student ready when you pull up. If your student is a walker, you can park near the school and walk up to the front of the school to get them. Kindergarten students require that parents walk up to the front porch and retrieve them from the school foyer. First grade students have to wait on the porch until the parent is there to pick them up. Other walkers are allowed to leave when they are dismissed.

  1. What should I expect from my kids in the first week of school?

Your students will be tired, so help them get to bed a little early and eat a good breakfast. Don’t forget that the school bell rings at 7:50, so plan to get them to school by 7:40!

  1. What should I expect from the school in the first week?   

Your students will be bringing home a lot of paperwork for you to fill out. Please check their backpacks each day to make sure you don’t miss anything.

  1. Can I walk my kids into class?

You will be permitted to walk with your students into class on the first day of school. After that, the school asks that you drop them off at the front porch. Teachers are ready and waiting in the halls to help the students find their classrooms if they forget.

  1. What do my kids wear to school?

Please help the students be successful by getting them the correct clothes for school. Here are the dress code protocols:

  1. What is Boo-Hoos and Woo-Hoos and who is invited?

Everyone is invited to come to the cafeteria to celebrate or shed a tear or two about dropping off their kids for school. It is a fun time to gather for refreshments while connecting with other ACM parents.

  1. Will carpool get better?

YES! Please be patient, kind and considerate as our new families are learning the ropes of morning and afternoon carpool. Allow extra time those first couple of weeks to minimize stress and make the process easier for everyone.